About Joan’s farm

Joan Walker’s family has been farming the 470 acre land in New Braintree, MA since 1957. Since 2012, Joan has been raising Red Devon Cattle on the land, a heritage breed known for its docile temperament and adaptability to a wide range of climates. Her cattle production is certified by Animal Welfare Approved and verified by Food Animal Concerns Trust, a non-profit food and farm organization. Like many of her peers, animal welfare is Joan’s #1 concern, even over profit. Her AWA certification allows her to demonstrate this commitment to her customers. Joan says that she loves how gorgeous New Braintree and the surrounding region are, and how supportive her community is of agriculture. As with the country as a whole, her friends and neighbors are becoming more and more concerned about the food they eat.

The camaraderie. I spend so much time with them I am accepted as one of the herd. I understand them and they truly enjoy my company. [I] love new calves. Calving season can be tough, but they just warm my heart.


On Raising Cows

How you can buy Walker Farms meat

“Most [new customers] find me online. I am one of their few choices when looking for pristinely clean and humanely raised beef. Many of my customers are autoimmune or former vegans, and these things are of the utmost importance to them. Facebook is a big factor. I have many people that just love to see our pictures and daily stories of the heard.” Check out these pictures and stories here!

“We have a store on site that’s usually open on the weekends, but I have many customers that contact me and I open it for them off hours (I live here so it’s easy).” Find our website for orders here!