About Cynthia’s farm

Cynthia Houseweart’s family has been farming on their ranch in Hotchkiss, CO for the last 100 years.  On the ranch, the family raises Black and Red Angus cross cattle and has been selling grass finished beef since 1999. Princess Beef is an Animal Welfare Approved, American Grassfed Association certified production. As more and more producers throughout the state started selling grass fed beef, Princess Beef sought to distinguish their products from the competition. Applying for a high welfare certification was an easy choice for Princess Beef, as the farm was already implementing all of the sustainable, humane practices necessary for approval.

We are improving the soil using good management of animal impact.  We are keeping our family on a Centennial Ranch and working toward improving the land for future generations. We are lucky that our ranch is located in such a beautiful place and that we have a strong organic presence in our valley. I love the ‘old west’ profession of being a rancher and of working with animals and being outside.


On Ranching

How you can buy Princess Beef meat

Most new customers find Princess Beef through word of mouth. They sell quarters, half and whole beef directly to consumers and ground beef out of their freezer on the ranch. Additionally, customers can find Princess Beef products at Hardin’s in Hotchkiss, CO and Lizzy’s Market in Paonia, CO. Find more information here!