About the Siverson’s Farm

In 1973, the Siverson Family purchased land in Central Florida, now home to Pasture Prime Family Farm. On the farm, the family raises grassfed Wagyu cattle, Berkshire pigs, and pastured, free-range turkeys and chickens. Pasture Prime is an Animal Welfare Approved and American Grassfed certified producer and may seek a Certified Humane accreditation in the future as well. The Siverson family was encouraged to acquire these high-welfare certifications by their dedicated customer base, which values animal welfare and environmental protection. Through the sustainable and humane practices implemented on the farm, the Siverson’s ensure that consumers are getting a superior product, produced in a manner in line with these values.

With year-round climate conditions conducive to farming and an abundance of diverse flora and fauna, Summerfield, Florida provides the ideal backdrop for this bustling family farm. In addition to the cattle and pigs, Marilyn also particularly enjoys working with “her girls,” their laying hens that produce free-range eggs for the farm.


On Farming in Summerfield, FL

How you can by Pasture Prime meat

Pasture Prime products can be purchased directly on the farm or at the Brownwood Paddock Square Farmers’ Market and Fruitville Grove Farmers’ Market. For individuals outside of Central Florida, beef, chicken, prok and turkey from the farm can be ordered online and delivered by FedEx. The farm continues to build its customer base through exposure at local farmers’ markets, social media promotion, and word of mouth. Find more information here!