About Mel and Joyce’s farm

Mel and Joyce Williams have been farming for 50 years. For the last 25, they have been raising Angus cattle on their 670-acre ranch, just outside of Lawrence, KS. MJ Ranch LLC is an Animal Welfare Approved production and Certified Grassfed by A Greener World.  These high-welfare certifications are indicative of the humane, sustainable practices implemented on the ranch, which contribute to the quality of beef produced. The cattle are allowed to graze in open pasture, are not administered growth hormones or routine antibiotics and are fed a species-specific diet of green grass and dried hay. These conditions support the healthy development of the animals and allow Mel and Joyce to produce the highest quality product possible.

“We love the rolling hills, the richness of our pastures with the variety of grasses/legumes spread by our cattle to nourish the soil and sequester the carbon that is available with a pasture-based system.  Taking care of the soil/grasses provides the land with resources like days gone by and we believe we are taking care of God’s creation as He would have us.   This gives us great satisfaction.  We love the openness of our land and keeping it intact is of utmost importance to us.”

Mel and Joyce

on farming in Lawrence, KS

How you can buy MJ Ranch LLC meats

Mel and Joyce connect with new customers at a local expo once a year, by word of mouth and via their website www.mandjranch.com. Their gourmet ground beef is sold in four grocery stores in the area. Custom cuts of 100% grassfed Angus beef can be order online, directly from the farm. Additionally, customers can purchase bulk beef (¼, ½, or a whole) from the ranch on a yearly basis.