About Jen’s farm

For over 20 years, Jen Holmes and her husband Ernie Harvey have been raising Brown Swiss and Swiss cross cows, as well as mixed breed pigs at Lifeline Farm Inc. The 446-acre farm, located in Victor, MT in the Bitterroot Valley, produces milk, cheese and butter, as well as beef and pork products. Jen and Ernie have a close relationship with their customers in the area. “People really appreciate having a local, organic, dairy and farmers they know and can visit with any time. They love our products and are always so enthusiastic.” It is in part  this relationship with their customer base that encouraged Jen and Ernie to get high-welfare certifications for Lifeline Farm. The farm is biodynamic and USDA Certified Organic. “Our customers appreciate having a set of standards they can rely on being met and verified through inspection.” The organic certification standards help Jen and Ernie assure consumers that they are getting the highest quality product possible and that the health and welfare of the animals is a top priority on the farm.

“The Brown Swiss are gentle cows and good mothers, so they are easy and very hardy for our mountain region. Our pigs are also bred to be easy and hardy animals. We love and care for them and they return our love and care for us and the community twofold.”


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How you can buy Lifeline Farm meat

Lifeline Farm products can be found throughout Montana at small retailers or through distributers including the Western Montana Grower’s Co-Op, Quality Foods Distributing and Azure Standard. In addition to these retail outlets, meat can be purchased at the farm’s store and at the Clark Fork Market, a Saturday farmers’ market in Missoula.