About Joann’s farm

Sixty years ago, Joann Hutton purchased her first calf and she’s been raising Horned Herefords from the same bloodline ever since. Her 40+-acre farm is located in Ellensburg, WA, an agriculturally rich area, known for its cattle and hay producers. Grass Fed Beef – J. Hutton is an Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grassfed by A Greener World. Joann values the quality assurance that comes from certification by an independent, third-party. Not only does this organization conduct a detailed audit, free of charge, they also help advertise the farm and “educate the public about the health benefits for the soil, animals, people and all life.”


Over the last 60 years, Joann has fostered a deep understanding and appreciation for the unique character of Hereford cattle. “They are easy to handle. They have a way of communicating to me when they are not happy and when they are happy. I raise them from birth to ‘harvest’ and find humor in many of their actions and behaviors.”


on raising Hereford cattle

How you can buy Grass Fed Beef – J. Hutton meat

To order any of Joann Hutton’s products, head over to the farm’s website www.grassfed.us. Grass fed beef can be purchased in various quantities directly from the farm, online. The farm works exclusively with USDA inspected processing facilities and pays for the slaughter, cutting, wrapping and delivery of the meat within 50 miles of Ellensburg, WA.