About Jesse’s farm

Jesse Fouch has been farming in Mariposa, CA for the last 14 years. At Fouch Farms, Jesse and his family raise British White Cattle and Dexter Cattle on their 810-acre ranch. This family-run operation is Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grassfed by A Greener World. The family’s beliefs and practices are mirrored in these standards and the high-welfare certifications allow them to relay these values to their customers and the world. The Fouch family works directly with each of their customers to ensure the quality of the products they receive.

On the farm, Jesse enjoys, “watching the calves romp around in little packs,” while “working in beautiful landscapes and witnessing the intertwined relationships of Mother Nature.”


on farming in Mariposa, CA

How you can buy Fouch Farm’s meat

Fouch Farms has been expanding their loyal customer base through word of mouth and online promotion. The farm sells their products directly to customers through their website or newsletter. Individuals can reserve an animal early in the season and then, in the spring, work with a local butcher to cut the meat to their particular specifications.