About John’s farm

Embudo Valley Organics, located 20 miles south of Taos in Embudo, NM, has been selling Certified Organic chickens and turkeys since 1991. The farmers at Embudo Valley Organics raise Broad Breasted White turkeys and Rhode Island Red, Ameraucana and Black Australorp chickens on their 25 acre farm.  Through their farming practices, the team seeks to uphold the farm motto, “Every turkey dies, but not every turkey truly lives,”. To ensure every turkey and chicken has the best life possible, the team makes all of their own feed and processes every bird on the farm.

Turkeys are a very smart and personable animal. As a herd animal, we can move them from one pasture to another with just a couple of guys.


On Raising Turkeys

One of my favorite things is the distinct changes of seasons. We are 6,000 feet in the mountains of New Mexico and the farm has a lot of natural wildlife because we are right on the Rio Grande.


On Farming in New Mexico

How you can buy Embudo Valley Organics meat

Over the last 27 years, Embudo Valley Organics has built up a loyal customer base that has been growing each year through word of mouth and online promotion. Their organic products can be purchased directly on the farm and can also be found in organic grocery stores and feed stores throughout New Mexico. Find more information here!