About Dr. Baker’s farm

After a 50 year medical career as an OB-GYN and Gynecological Oncologist, Dr. Dudley Baker retired and quickly embarked on his “second career” in preventative health. For the seven years, Dr. Baker has been raising Black Angus cattle on his 450-acre ranch near Belton, TX. The farm has been Animal Welfare Approved since 2013 and recently received A Greener World’s Grassfed certification as well. For Dr. Baker, these high welfare certifications are critical to not only ensure that the farm is meeting, or exceeding, the standards for sustaining the welfare of their animals, environment and human health, but also to assure their loyal customers about the quality of the products they are purchasing. As a new member of the Texas ranching community, Dr. Baker is able to meet a wide variety of interesting people, united by their desire to sustain the health of their families and protect the environment.

At Baker Ranch, Dr. Baker has created an environment conducive to the health and happiness of his cattle. He finds joy in ensuring that the farm’s “Black Angus cows can peacefully graze on plush pastures,” and will never face “confined nightmare stockyards in their future,”.

Dr. Baker

On Raising Cows

How you can buy Baker Ranch meat

To try Baker Ranch’s meat, you’ll have to head over to the ranch, just east of Belton, TX, as the farm only sells their products there, to avoid compromising the quality of the meat through shipping. Currently, Baker Ranch has over 250 loyal customers, most of whom discovered their products through word of mouth. Email Dudley Baker for more information here!