There are thousands of farmers around the country raising animals humanely in systems that protect the environment and manage resources effectively. They may choose to be certified under one or several of the quality labeling programs to help them communicate to their customers that their farms and products meet a high standard of care and stewardship.

These farmers market the meat they raise through farmers markets, community supported agriculture (CSA), local retailers, online stores, and some national retailers. The farmers need the continued support of customers to keep the high-welfare management practices economically viable.

Here are some examples of the country’s diverse certified farmers, including information on how to find and access the products they sell.

Apple Creek Farms

Baker Ranch

Embudo Valley Organics

Fouch Farms

Grass Fed Beef – J. Hutton

Gryphon Ranch LLC

Lifeline Farm Inc.

Loeffler Farms

MJ Ranch LLC

Pasture Prime Family Farm

Princess Beef

Walker Farm